As crucial and complicated it is to work as a nurse, certain jobs come with perks of a variety of experiences. Such experiences are a motivational factor in creating this very first post.

Working in long-term care is both physically and mentally stressful. Not only will one at times be lifting people twice their weight, but also will have to be careful enough not to injure others and themselves. When one knows their action are directly affecting someone’s life, mental stress is obvious and it further multiplies when they are also responsible to explaining their actions to patients close ones. With all this factors long-term care for Alzheimer comes with additional challenges. Yet, people with Alzheimer have some kind of a charm and purity which keeps up the zeal in me. One such experience while working with dementia resident is described below.

She was bed ridden and he had dementia. Yet their love was strong. No boundaries of old age, physical weakness or long-term care home regulations could stop them from seeing each other. She came to spend time with him every day. She arrived in a wheelchair after lunch and stayed until it was time for supper. They stayed in a big room, one wall of this room was made with glass. When I walked passed the corridor and entered that room, I saw abundant sunlight across the glass wall that fell on their faces to make them glow. When he was holding her face, looking into her eyes and said, “What are you saying, I can’t understand?” and she mumbled something non-apprehensive. They no longer look old to me, all I could see was two young souls dancing in the joy of love. My eyes were full of tears, but then I stepped back, turned around and as I walked back toward the corridor my heart was sad and happy at the same time. All I was certain at that point is that I was fortunate enough to have witnessed that part of their moment.

More such experiences will be posted in future, Please do comment your ideas, questions and experiences in the comment section below.